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SET the DATE: 24-25 APR 2023

Don’t miss out on what the future holds: A two-day conference at Rebel Oslo,
with 7 inspiring tracks, fantastic food, drinks, mingling, great entertainment,
and a buzzing EXPO with partners and a DeLorean!
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Are you a business user or a data engineer / scientist? Get the know-how about processing relevant data, evaluating predictions, making quick and accurate decisions, offering valuable and actionable insights from all types of data—in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid deployment.

If you are interested in core technology of the database, this is for you.
Your role is Database Administrator or you want to learn.

Oracle APEX is one of Oracle’s best kept secrets. This year we will give full attention to the framework that can be used for free for everyone with an Oracle database.

In this track you will learn more about Oracle E-Business Suite, Fusion Applications, extensions,
BI-solutions – both from a technical and functional view.

This track will help you get to know all the services you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT,
from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms.

In this track we are focusing on database development as PL/SQL, data modeling
and also stories from development projects.

Here we welcome anyone interested in different topics suitable for project managers, architects and CxO level.



Price 8 500 NOK (ex. VAT)


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"If you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"
Dr. Emmett Brown

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Gustavo Gonzalez10 tips on choosing the best Oracle Analytics strategy. The differences between OBIA, EPM, OTBI and the new FAW.
Heli HelskyahoMachine Learning in the Cloud, Without Any Panic
Johannes RahlfForestsens - Empowering the digital forest value chain
Renee WikestadNews in Oracle Analytics Cloud
Gustavo GonzalezAnalytics in a highway for Fusion Applications with Fusion Analytics Warehouse
Heli HelskyahoMachine Learning made easy in OCI - AutoML
Hans ViehmannGraph analytics for SQL developers -the new MATCH clause in SQL:2023
Martins BerzinsCase study: Helse Sør-Øst analytics implemenation on Exadata with OAS, Golden Gate and ODI
Renee WikestadOracle Machine Learning, Move the Algorithms -Not the Data
Heli HelskyahoAnalytics and Machine Learning
Kārlis VītolsCustomer story: migration from on-prem to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse


Neil ChandlerStatistics and the Optimizer. How Oracle Makes Decisions.
Ron EkinsSlow is the New Down: Why Fast, Reliable, Secure Storage Is Key!
Daniel Overby HansenSpeeding up Oracle Database Patching
Øyvind Isene9 Practical Tips to Stop Worrying about the Oracle Database
Kamil StawiarskiAm I evil? Yes I am! - a.k.a. the cloud hacking session.
Lasse JenssenHow did my data look at midnight? Or one week ago? Oracle Flashback at service
Julian DontcheffOracle 23c New Features for DBAs
Neil ChandlerFundamental Oracle Security -What Many Of You Are Not Doing
Ron EkinsGuardians of the Data - Protecting Oracle Backups from Ransomware and Malicious Intent
Kamil StawiarskiThe curious case of enq: TX -row lock contention
Ilmar KermSearching for a database recovery superstar!
Daniel Overby HansenMigration to Multitenant with Autoupgrade and Refreshable Clones

Oracle APEX

Richard MartensAPEX Application lifecycle with feature based deployment
Roel HartmanEnemy of the Session State
Karen CannellModals and Dialogs and ... Drawers? Now What?
Mirela ArdeleanHave you locked the back door, too?
Moritz KleinAPEX APIs Reloaded
Lino SchildenfeldAPEX hidden gems - Template Directives
Lech CieślikEverything an APEX Developer should know about maps.
Moritz KleinLet Your Application Flow
Mirela ArdeleanPlay against vulnerability with APEX
Karen CannellAPEX Grids: Editable Essentials
Kai DonatoOffline APEX - The missing link
Roel HartmanReal life ORDS; REST in pieces

Oracle Apps

Johan AlmqvistComposable Architectures with Oracle SaaS
Gaurav KumarHow to effectively secure old ERP data post migration
Terry WaltonOracle E-Business Suite 12.2.12 Strategy and Updates
Throstur Thor FanngeirssonXML Invoices automatic accounting and Apex
Gustavo GonzalezAfter 15+ years running on EBS, ten learnings of the first year running on Fusion Apps.
Andreea VasiliuOracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM): what is new and what does the roadmap have in store
Morten OmvikDecoding Oracle Fusion's licenses and understanding how to improve ROI
Gustavo GonzalezDemystifying the technical complexity of covering Globalizations in Cloud ERP
Throstur Thor FanngeirssonModernize EBS with Apex
Johan AlmqvistAutomated (regression) testing of new SaaS releases with TOSCA
Ankita SrivastavaTest automation & generic automation using No-Code RPA tools
Michiel AalpoelOracle Cloud ERP - Design for Change, Build for You

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Trond BrennaBuilding an Enterprise Landing Zone
Per Christian PaascheMigration from on-prem to autonomous
Bjørn WestbladOnPrem migration from 12cSE+Kubernetes+Tomcat to OCI - How hard can it be?
Nikitas XenakisMoving Business-Critical Java Applications to Oracle Cloud
Yilmaz GuleryuzMigration by Automation to Oracle Cloud (OCI) in a big scale
Bjarte BrandtHost a k8s web service free of charge in Oracle Cloud
Michel SchildmeijerIntegrate your Autonomous database with Oracle Kubernetes Engine
Dhayanand SahadevanOracle Cloud Observability
Jon Petter HjulstadOracle Cloud Infrastructure - A Customer story
Nikitas XenakisOn-Premises or Oracle Cloud - How to build a Highly Available and Scalable Logistics Platform with Oracle 19c and Goldengate 19c


Connor McDonaldGood Design - from Bit Bucket to Extreme Performance
Chris SaxonCrimes Against SQL
Kim Berg HansenWays to the Bacon
Kai DonatoNot so Good Fellas: PL/SQL vs. JavaScript
Monika LewandowskaBackoffice system re-engineering- key success factors - case study.
Chris SaxonSimple Data Processing with PL/SQL
Hans ViehmannHow far is the nearest pub? Let's see what the database says.
Connor McDonaldFuturistic SQL - making the impossible possible
Monika LewandowskaThe Blair Witch (DB) Project
Vidar EidissenMy struggles with reference partitioning
Kim Berg HansenAnalytic Functions 101
Frode PedersenMicroservices and Data Mesh, What is it, and how does it relate to Oracle23c database.


Trond RenshusløkkenBusiness Continuity during uncertain times - how Oracle Cloud helps customers secure their operations
Inge OsEU Sovereignty, state of the union. What is the current status on Trans Atlantic data transfer and Schrems II?
Trond RenshusløkkenBusiness Continuity during uncertain times - how Oracle Cloud helps customers secure their operations
Ruben Rodriguez SantiagoImproving citizen communication with Oracle Cloud
Rune NygårdDet nye Oracle. Fra Oracle-on-Oracle til Non-Oracle-on-Oracle.
Erik DvergsnesAker BP erfaring med migrering av våre databaser fra on-prem til OCI
Daniel IvanescuOracle APEX + Oracle Cloud + Autonomous Database: Redefine enterprise agility and resilience
Chris SaxonThree Benefits of Getting Involved with your Local Tech Community
Ruben Rodriguez SantiagoOracle Digital Assistants: No Slides, Just Code!
Vinay Tukaram AdivarekarUse Oracle Golden Gate to achieve real-time data replication and synchronization